Pre-employment Testing: Why All Companies Need It

Aug 16, 2021

Pre-employment testing is a required program element for all companies that follow the Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance. Before starting a safety-sensitive position, a negative pre-employment drug test must be on file. But, should pre-employment drug testing be limited only to the companies under DOT mandate? If losing $7,000 annually from each drug-abusing employee sounds acceptable the answer is yes, if not, the answer is obvious.

In a study conducted by the US Postal Service to determine annual losses, known substance abusers were hired. The study found that in just 2 years, the Postal Service lost an estimated $52 million which could have been saved if those employees had not been hired.

Pre-employment drug testing deters drug users from applying to your company, and will screen potential employees to ensure that your business is as productive as possible. Substance abusers are found to be 2.5 times more likely to be absent eight or more times a year, which decreases business productivity. Pre-employment testing should not just be an option, but a vital aspect of the hiring policy in all companies.