FMCSA Driver Qualification and Fitness

Reduce total compliance costs with our driver qualification and fitness solutions.

Trust the fleet management service relied on by transportation professionals to effectively manage compliance, personnel and safety programs.

Get 24/7 access to critical driver information.

A dashboard-style interface allows easy access to monitor compliance with reminders, alerts, reports, automation and smart phone uploads.

Valuable system features include:

  • Electronic application
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Automated reminders and MVR’s
  • Electronic signatures and document uploads
  • Track and update all expiring items
  • Email reminders with links to complete uploads
  • Create custom reminders
  • Driver Qualification and Fitness — compliance with parts 383 and 391

With regulatory guidance, simple tools, electronic documents and FMCSA compliant records retention,

the Advantage Drug Testing systems reduce total cost.

Electronic application

The electronic application ensures that all required driver file elements are uploaded into the system before the driver is hired. Save time and ensure compliance with our easy-to-use system.

Smart phone compatible

The electronic application, record of violations, license and medical card can all be managed and uploaded using a smart phone. Managers and drivers save time and ensure that regulatory requirements are completed before due dates.

Automated reminders and MVR’s

Managers and drivers receive system generated reminders before required items expire. These reminders include links to quickly upload and sign documents, which complete the requirement and update the driver file.

Electronic signatures and document uploads

Drivers can use a smart phone to sign the record of violations and upload licenses and medical cards electronically. This saves time for both the driver and manager.

Track and update all expiring items

The system dashboard provides a clear picture of all driver file requirements. Identify drivers before items expire. Complete annual reviews and request missing items electronically.

Email reminders with links to complete uploads

Email reminders are sent to drivers and supervisors before regulatory items are due. These emails include links that allow the driver to complete required items using only a smart phone. This simple process reduces the time it takes for drivers and managers to comply with regulations.

Create custom reminders

Create company specific reminders and receive email reminders before the due dates. The dashboard will highlight expiring custom requirements with flags to help managers take action and before company specific items are due.