Pre-employment and drug-free workplace programs

Pre-employment and drug-free workplace programs

An employee with a drug problem will cost a business more than $7000 per year. Drug and alcohol testing programs help employers to identify problem employees and reduce cost.

Drug Testing

A drug-free workplace program improves safety and productivity in the workplace. Talk to us about the policy, testing, training and implementation.
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Background Investigations

Hire the best employees and build the future of the business. The Advantage Drug Testing portal with smart phone interface ensures that background investigations are accurate and in compliance with state and federal laws.
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COVID Testing

Simplify the Covid testing process with Advantage Drug Testing Solutions. The Advantage Drug Testing portal with smart phone interface, combined with a lab-based PCR test, provides the most accurate testing with an easy-to-use interface.
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Physical Exams

Physical exams help assess employees and ensure fitness for duty. Advantage Drug Testing gives employers the option for clinic-based and on-site physical exams.
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