Why You Should Regularly Test Your Employees for Drugs and Alcohol

Dec 10, 2021

Certain jobs pose a greater risk of harm to oneself and others. These jobs require that employees be alert and sober. If your business has a higher rate of injuries on the job, you might want to test your employees regularly for drugs and alcohol. At Advantage Drug Testing, we know how important it is to regularly test your employees for drug and alcohol use. Learn more below.

Drug and Alcohol Use is a Major Cause of Workplace Injuries

An employee that isn’t clean and sober is an employee waiting for an accident to happen. Operating dangerous equipment either drunk or high leads to inattentiveness and carelessness. Those two traits together lead to accidents on the job.

If you regularly test your employees for drugs and alcohol, you can find out who is using substances and who is possibly putting themselves and everyone else in jeopardy. Job safety is key—especially when your employees are using dangerous equipment such as power tools or heavy machinery. Don’t let one careless employee cause other employees to be seriously injured (or allow that employee to injure themselves). Test them randomly, and often.

Employees Who Use Drugs and Alcohol Are More Likely to File Workers Compensation Claims

Studies show that employees that use drugs and/or alcohol on the job are five times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim when they are injured as a result of their own drug and alcohol use! That costs your company thousands of dollars to resolve the claim—even though it was the employee’s fault for using drugs and/or alcohol.

If you are testing your employees regularly, you can lower the risk of worker’s compensation claims by preventing injuries. Ensure your company has a no-tolerance policy in place regarding drug and alcohol use, and take appropriate action if an employee tests positive. These initiatives can help keep everyone else working for you safe.

You’ll Reduce the Number of Absentee Days

Downtime is a significant risk for companies, especially if they are facing tight deadlines. Employees who use drugs and alcohol and then call-out for their shift will cost you time and money in the long run. By testing your employees on a regular basis, you’ll reduce the risk of unnecessary absences, ensuring you have the support you need, when you need it.

Let Us Help You Test Your Employees so Everyone Can Work Safely!

Contact Advantage Drug Testing to set up appointments and get a quote for the drug tests you want to do. It’s your right as an employer, and you should exercise it for everyone’s safety.