Job of a Collector

Sep 17, 2021

In the drug testing industry, to appropriately collect a specimen, collectors are called to ensure the integrity of of the collection process. Collectors must undergo a certification class and understand the importance of following the 10 steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity.

  1. Pay close attention to the employees during the entire collection process
  2. Ensure no unauthorized access into the collection area
  3. Accept only proper picture ID
  4. Make sure employees empty pockets, remove outer garments, leave any bags behind and wash their hands.
  5. Maintain personal control of the specimen and the CCF at all times
  6. Secure any water sources
  7. Ensure the toilet has bluing agent. Put bluing agent in tank if applicable.
  8. Ensure no soap, disinfectants, cleaning agents or other adulterants are present.
  9. Check the site for any foreign or unauthorized substances.
  10. Secure areas and items that may be suitable for concealing contaminants.

Once securing the area, and properly collecting the specimen, urine collectors follow Part 40 procedures and ship specimen to the Department of Health and Human Services approved lab. A collector gives the employee a maximum of 3 hours to provide the specimen. Any incident or notes about the collection are written by the collector in the remarks section (example: a refusal or even a toilet flush). The best policy for an employee is to follow the collectors directory and know what constitutes a refusal. The collectors want everything to go as smoothly as possible, so listen and help to maintain the integrity of the collection process.