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DOT Drug Test Marblehead MAIf you search for DOT drug test Marblehead MA, you will find Advanced Drug Testing, a complete local drug testing company.

At Advantage Drug Testing we work directly with companies in Marblehead MA and surrounding towns to fully manage DOT drug testing. Our automated solutions for regulated employers will keep your company and workforce compliant.

Distributing DOT Drug Test in Marblehead MA

Are you an employer that is searching for department of transportation (DOT) drug testing? Allow the professionals at Advanced Drug Testing to cover all of your needs. We are able to support your company by providing advanced services and systems that simplify the process of drug testing employees. The types of DOT drug test Marblehead MA we offer include pre-employment, random and workplace DOT drug testing for our clients to choose from. In addition, our medical examiners will complete the required DOT physical exams. Our team is fully equipped to have your employees ready to get on the roads.

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment DOT drug test Marblehead MA is done to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents for you company. Drug free employees cost an average of $7000 per year less than drug users. Set up a drug free workplace today. Click HERE for more pre-employment testing information.

Random Testing

Random drug testing ensures that the workplace is doing regular unannounced testing to deter the use of illegal drugs and the misuse of alcohol. Knowing a random test may be in the future encourages employees to avoid drugs and ensure that those who cannot avoid drugs and alcohol will be identified. Keep your workspace drug free by learning more about random drug testing.

Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing is for drivers who exhibit signs and symptoms of drugs or alcohol. The driver is immediately tested when suspicion exists. Sometimes, change in behavior, absences from work or inability to explain reasoning for decisions can be signs of drug use. Ensure your workplace is its safest by calling our team today.

DOT Physicals

Every two years, drivers should be tested with a physical exam. Our DOT drug test Marblehead MA exams include a vision test, hearing test, blood pressure/pulse and urinalysis. Learn more about our DOT Physicals HERE.

For a DOT Drug Test Marblehead MA Start with Advanced Drug Testing

If you are interested in learning more about professional DOT drug test Marblehead MA that can help your company, call the team at Advanced Drug Testing today. For more information or to get started with us, call 978-475-1312 or request an estimate online.

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