Drug Testing Pre Employment Woburn MA

Drug Test Pre Employment Woburn MA

If you search for drug testing pre employment Woburn MA, you will find Advanced Drug Testing, a Massachusetts provider of drug testing. At Advanced Drug Testing, we specialize in pre employment drug testing for employers, working to ensure that their workplace stays substance free at all times.

Keeping Your Workspace Clean with Drug Test Pre Employment Woburn MA

Pre employment drug testing is a key part of the screening of employees for any company. It is important to make sure that the people that you hire to represent your company are clean of any substance before they enter your workplace. At Advanced Drug Testing, we provide the necessary tests to ensure that your company remains drug free. Our team works directly with all of our clients to keep your company and workforce compliant.

Drug testing before hiring your employees is conducted for several key reasons. Drug free employees cost an average of $7000 per year less than drug users (Workers compensation, medical costs, absenteeism/productivity, annual costs). A drug free workspace improves safety around your company, and reduces the number of workplace accidents.

Advantage Drug Testing delivers best-in-class, next-generation technology for screening and maintaining a drug-free workforce. Advantage reduces program costs, incorporates a paperless process and automates compliance management. Our automated solutions for regulated and non-regulated employers will keep your company compliant in today’s industry.

Establish the critical first step towards a drug free workspace by calling Advanced Drug Testing today.

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A drug-free workplace program improves safety and productivity in the workplace. Talk to us about the policy, testing, training and implementation.
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Hire the best employees and build the future of the business. The Advantage Drug Testing portal with smart phone interface ensures that background investigations are accurate and in compliance with state and federal laws.
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